• Greek Feast

    My English 9 class recently finished Homer’s epic poem The Odyssey. Students read Gareth Hind’s graphic novel as well as one book from the Fitzgerald translation. A lot (and I mean A LOT) happens in this epic poem, but one thing really interested me: As the epic hero Odysseus makes his tumultuous journey back to…


  • Easy Thai Ramen

    I could eat Asian food every single day of my life. Both of my boys love Ramen, so we always have a case ready to whip up at any time. Now, while my sons love plain Maruchan Chicken Noodles, I like to upgrade my bowl. I’ve tried a lot of different ingredients, but Thai garnishes…


  • Galentine’s Brunch Menu & More

    The second annual Galentine’s brunch was another great success. I had big plans to take some gorgeous photos throughout the day for my post, but ended up getting caught up in the moment. We were having so much fun I just forgot to get my camera out again. Oh well! Lox Bagel Bar You can…


  • Mini Tiramisu

    My husband will not eat anything that is remotely “creamy.” No pudding, cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and certainly not Tiramisu. I love Tiramisu and wanted to test the recipe out. I also knew that nobody but me (well maybe Beau) was going to eat it. I didn’t want to make a huge 9×13 pan of dessert…


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Hi, I’m Emma.

I am a small town Iowa girl who loves planning dinners, brunches, and all types of parties for my toddler boys, family, and friends. When I’m not pursuing my hobbies, I am teaching high school English and scrolling through TikTok.