Galentine’s Day

I used to hate Valentine’s Day. Now, that’s probably because I was a lonely sad-sack who didn’t have a boyfriend until my mid-twenties (I still don’t get it. I like to think I was pretty cool…) Anyway, the day was a yearly reminder that I was unhappily single and had to stay home and wish I had somebody to celebrate with.

Despite locking down an absolute dilf, Valentine’s Day still ranks very low on my list of favorite holidays; however, “Galentine’s Day” has become one of my highest ranking events of the year. If I could turn back time, I would have celebrated Galentine’s Day MUCH earlier. I think this would have made the dreaded holiday much more bearable.

As a hostess who loves nothing more than creating special days for my girlfriends, this day lends itself to celebrate friendship, wear adorable pajama sets, drink mimosas, and create new memories. Throwing my Galentine’s Day party is so fun to do, and I would highly recommend you do this for your girlfriends. This post is dedicated to breaking down my planning process and hopefully inspire you to throw one for you own gals.

Note: The majority of pictures used in this post are from last year’s event.

Choose a Theme:

I am an absolute sucker for a boujee pajama set and am always looking for an excuse to buy another. What’s better than wearing your favorite boujee pajamas, eating a delicious brunch, and drinking mimosas with the girls? Nothing. Even though I did the pajama theme at last year’s brunch, it’s staying for 2022. This year, I am wearing a three-piece set and am hoping to look comfy, yet still incredibly cute. I am going to insert a picture and the link below for this year’s ensemble. I can almost guarantee I am going to look as skinny and gorgeous as the model. I just need to quit eating starting… now.,RJ_NoFaultTolerantCustomers%20Also%20ViewedSPcProductDetailCustomersAlsoViewedList~~0

Find a Co-Host:

Anybody who has been to one my events knows that I go hard. From the food to the personalized gift bags, there is a lot of time-consuming planning and organization. This year, I enlisted the help of one of my best friends, Rebecca. She is an incredibly talented cook, detail-oriented, and absolutely hilarious. She is my co-host this year, and we are working off of a shared google doc to tackle all the preparatory tasks.

Create Invitations:

Is it just me, or is a printed invitation sent via snail mail so cute? I pay for a subscription to Canva monthly because I use it so dang much. I made my invites on their site this year and am having them locally printed at Choice Printing in Atlantic (love them so much). I wish I could say I am an incredible designer and know how to make original and aesthetically-pleasing invites, but I was inspired by an invite I saw on Esty from FigTreePaperie’s shop.

Made with Canva

Once my invitations are printed, I address them in script using my Cricut and wax seal them for added flair. Last year, I used really dark reds. This year, I will get some pastel pink wax for sealing.


I know this is dramatic, but I would rather go to that dancing TikTok guy’s crackhouse and eat incredible food than go to a gorgeous mansion that has a bad food menu. Providing your guests with great food is the key to throwing a great party. This year, Rebecca and I are providing the following:

  1. Mini-Quiches (my favorite last year was the goat cheese quiche and my mouth is watering right now even writing about it)
  2. Donut Bar
  3. Bagel Bar
  4. Fresh Fruit

I am also going to buy a bunch of frozen pizzas in case there are girls who stay a little later and get the munchies!


It’s brunch. We’re obviously doing a mimosa bar. Last year, we went through 17 bottle of champagne…. After we ran out, my sister-in-law and I called her husband and aggressively demanded that he go buy us more. In an effort to make sure that doesn’t happen again AND take some of the financial burden off Rebecca and me, I asked all of my guests to bring a bottle of champagne with them.

I am going to stock the bar with fresh fruit (strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries), orange juice, grapefruit juice, and mango juice. Write me a comment below if you have great suggestions for other mimosa necessities.

This IS NOT my mimosa bar for Galentine’s. Rather, this was for a bridal shower I threw my cousin. I just wanted to show you an visual of my setup.


I decorate my house with bunches of foil helium balloons. I also do several floral arrangements in pastel pinks and whites with greenery. I spend a lot of my time decorating the mimosa bar. I didn’t take enough pictures last year because I wasn’t thinking clearly. I will make sure to take more pictures for my next post.


Have you ever went to party that didn’t have any music? It was likely hosted by a serial killer. Music is SO necessary to set the vibe of the party.

I start with a very classic brunch playlist full of Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Doris Day, etc. After a couple hours, I move to a modern playlist full of twerk jams. Pretty obvious transition.


I always have to be the main character, so I host four rounds of trivia. Last year, I made it through three rounds and… took a little “nappy.” If you know, you know. I am determined to do better this year! The trivia is made up of the following rounds: The History of Valentine’s Day, RomComs, Celebrity Couples, and Love Songs.


I like to make sure that all of my guests have an area to take cute pictures. Last year, I had big plans. Tragically, the balloon garland was so traumatizing to make, and I threw in the towel early. If my friend Audrey wasn’t helping me, I likely would have cancelled the entire event. Balloon garlands are harder than they look! This year, I am going to keep the balloon theme, but also keep it VERY simple. Like, almost too simple… minimalist.

My little niece, Josephine came with my sister. She was an absolute hit with her gorgeous pink satin matching set and headband. She was obsessed with the balloons and photo backdrop.

Personalized Touches:

I make sure that all of my guests have a personalized champagne flute. This ensures that everyone can keep track of their flute and has a cute little memento to take home.

I also make sure that each of my guests has a goodie bag to take home with them after the party. I write a poem to draw on the front of each bag and fill them with face masks, under-eye masks, lip masks, homemade bath bombs, and chocolate. I like to think that after a morning/afternoon of drinks and fun, my guests can go home a relax with their new spa kits.

I hope this post inspires you to host a cute Galentine’s event for your friends. I will make another post with all of this year’s pictures and fun.

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