Easy Thai with Tessa

My sister-in-law Tessa and I share a passion for great food. We both enjoy trying out new restaurants, cooking, and crafting cocktails. We also both love international food. Both of our husbands are pretty picky while we are more “adventurous” eaters. Our husbands are hosting a hunting tournament at our place over the weekend, so we decided their absence would be the perfect opportunity to cook a beautiful meal together.

I recently crafted my own Thai Shrimp Curry recipe. I knew Tessa would absolutely love it because she is a spicy girl like me. Her specialty is a gorgeously fresh jalapeño margarita and she isn’t afraid of heat. While I have my curry recipe down, I wanted us to try some new things together.


Crab Rangoon https://www.spendwithpennies.com/crab-rangoon-crab-cream-cheese-filled-crispy-wontons/

I definitely need some more practice to make these look pretty, but overall, they tasted delicious.

Tessa and I did several batches of these to find the right combination we liked. We both preferred the batch that we put extra cream cheese in. Next time, I think I am going to shred imitation crab, rather than use plain crab meat. Hopefully, that will give them more of a “restaurant Crab Rangoon” taste.

Craft Cocktail:

Frozen Mango Mules https://asassyspoon.com/frozen-mango-moscow-mule-recipe/

I had plans to make mango sticky rice for dessert; however, with plans to eat so many crab rangoons, jasmine rice, and curry, I just knew it would be too much food. To keep that delicious mango flavor in the menu, we made these refreshing mules. Tessa topped them with frozen chunks of mango and fresh mint. They were incredible and so refreshing.

Main Course:

Emma’s Easy Thai Shrimp Curry

If you try out my Thai Shrimp Curry recipe, let me know what you think!

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