A Decadent Winter Dinner

Alex bought a prime rib roast to smoke over the holiday season. We ended up being so busy, we had to freeze it. This weekend, we invited a few friends over for dinner and decided it was the perfect time to thaw it out and throw it in the smoker.

Alex was in charge of smoking a perfectly medium rare prime rib roast on our Green Mountain out in the shop, and I was in charge of the sides. The menu I planned turned out great and I thought I would share it with you.

Pomegranate Grapefruit Mules


Pomegranate season is sadly coming to an end. I found the recipe for this amazing mule on Half-Baked Harvest last year. Most people who try it say it’s one of the best drinks they’ve ever had, and I would agree. I made a huge batch and set up a little garnish station next to it.

These garnishes made the drinks so beautiful and taste even more refreshing.

Winter Salad


Since we had pomegranates on hand, pairing the leftover arils with a winter salad of fresh greens, feta cheese, toasted pecans, apples, and a homemade ginger dressing was an easy choice.

I made this salad ahead of time, popped it out of the refrigerator, and dressed it right on the table.

Lobster Bisque:


There’s not much more you have to say. This is about one of the best dishes I’ve made. It was a hit, and I would highly recommend you try it out! I made it early and put it in the refrigerator. When all the guests arrived, I put it back on the stove and added the lobster.

Because I was making it for a crowd, I cut down the cayenne quite a bit. I reheated this bowl later and sprinkled some over it to give it the kick I like.

Cravings (Chrissy Teigen’s) Mac and Cheese


This one is a little more laborious than other sides I’ve done, but always such a hit with a crowd.

Homemade Honey Butter

Since I took a shortcut and bought frozen dinner rolls, I wanted to jazz them up a little bit with this homemade honey butter. I just softened a stick of butter and used a hand-mixer to combine 3 Tablespoons of honey, 1 Tablespoon powdered sugar, and a dash of sea salt. So easy.

Chocolate Mousse Pie and Dinosaur Cookies

For me, the best thing about baking is nothing. Kidding, but it really isn’t a strength for me. I love the idea of it, but when I read an instruction that says, “bake 10-35 minutes,” my brain shuts down.

In the cute little town where I teach, there is this incredible baker named Tessa Petersen. She runs her own baking business called Tessa’s Treats. I reached out to her, and had her make the boys cookies and the adults a chocolate mousse pie.

I dressed up the pie a little bit with chocolate sauce and fresh raspberries.
The boys loved these dinosaur cookies.

If you’re hosting a dinner party soon, it can be stressful to put a menu together. I thought this came together well, was easy to manage, and delicious. Happy hosting!

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