Mini Tiramisu

My husband will not eat anything that is remotely “creamy.” No pudding, cheesecake, chocolate mousse, and certainly not Tiramisu. I love Tiramisu and wanted to test the recipe out. I also knew that nobody but me (well maybe Beau) was going to eat it. I didn’t want to make a huge 9×13 pan of dessert and watch it go to waste… or eat the entire thing by myself. I ended up modifying a recipe I found from Natasha’s Kitchen, and it turned out perfect!

My sister-in-law Karly got me the cutest glass loaf pan for Christmas, and I figured it was time to put it to use. I gave 10 lady fingers a quick dip in my coffee and Kahlua mix and layered them on the bottom of the dish.

These were an absolute perfect fit for this pan.

Next I got to work making my marscapone mixture. Once done, I spread a layer on top of the ladyfingers. I quickly dipped the remaining lady fingers in my coffee mixture, placed them on top of the marscapone, and then topped them off with one last layer.

Then, the dessert sat in the refrigerator all night!

You can see that my layers were a little uneven. Growth Mindset: I can do better next time lol!
Looking back, I could have made that top layer thicker, but my sous chef had other plans.

When the dessert was ready to serve, I generously dusted it with cocoa powder. It turned out absolutely stunning and delicious. As I predicted, the only two people in the house who touched it were Beau and me.

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